How Deep is That Creative Pool Mister?

ImageSo, it’s summer time and I spend lots of time just drifting about on Lake Cobbosseecontee here in Maine.  I’ve put a bunch of miles on this little kayak in the last ten years and, I joke to folks that it was the best $300 piece of therapy I ever spent.  It’s a total disconnect from the daily routine or treadmill or the hum-drum of everything all combined.

So it was in this scraped up kayak that I decided to pull together and setup some social media sites to promote myself as an illustrator.  And as easy as it sounds over a round of beers, it is a technical headache to get it all built and tested and maintained and added to on a semi-regular basis.  It’s been three weeks now and I guess something may be happening.  I have art folks of high standing following me on Twitter.  Here I am blogging about… stuff and wondering who those four people in Japan are who read my ramblings.  Selling some original work on Etsy and e-bay.  OK… that’s all in place.

Then there is the tempting part of a different site I never heard of.  And oh yea, here’s another free site to sell your wares.  By the way, have you heard of this one too?  That graffiti guy makes a million bucks on that one!  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  We’re just gonna chug along with what I’ve set up for the moment.  It’s easy to become a slave to all these sites even if you have a dashboard set up to streamline the process.  You still have to photograph or scan new work to post and churn up ideas to go along with it all.

So the kayak is my escape pod.  Some beers on ice, a camera and a small sketch pad are all the gear I need.  And I almost always have a tree frog stowed away in the stern hitching a ride with me.  And at 5:30 the croaking begins.  A very deep echoing croak that nearly gave me a heart attack the first time it happened last summer.  Sometimes Mr. Frog stays and other times he gets the boot.  It’s too hard to daydream with that two inch monster going nuts in the back of the boat.

Anyhow… I’m taking a pause in working any more of the social media thing for a few weeks.

I paddle by this old dock all the time and, on this particular afternoon the sun was shining on it in just an odd way.  I took a few shots and gave it a little extra saturation just to see what it would do.  It’s got an acid trip funkiness to it that I like and, looking at it afterwards, I think it’s telling me to take a leap of some sort.  Make a different kind of creative splash of some kind?  I dunno.

Making art is a weird trip.  I’ve always got a head full of ideas and a mountain of sketches that will probably just remain that; a mountain of ideas.  The magic thing about being creative is when you look at something you’ve seen hundreds of times, like this old dock, and it suddenly inspires you to make something out of it. Well, that’s what usually makes for a pretty good trip. 







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