A Plunge Pool Full of Scriblets

A Plunge Pool Full of Scriblets

I like finding these little bits of sketches that are really too small to frame and just quick doodles or a scribble sketch. I’m finding lots of these now that I’m clearing out some older portfolios and selling some of it online.

This one really caught my eye not because it is expertly rendered but, because it is a perfect scriblet. A small, roughed out idea that serves not other purpose but to remember a moment or a state of creative flux. I remember sketching this and, I also remember that I did not sit down to drawn human skulls.

And I photographed it thinking it would a neat graphic for something down the line.

So, I think this little scriblet would make an ideal business card as rough as it is. It’s got plenty of texture and sloppy energy and, I’ll probably change my mind when I stumble onto the next scriblet.

My plunge pool is full of scriblets.


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