Keep a Camera in Your Sock

Keep a Camera in Your Sock

It’s just the digitalness of it all. I once worked in the photographic processing industry as a field service technician and I never carried a camera with me. My service area was all of New York state and a wee bit of western Massachussetts and I’ll tell you what, that was a LOT of real estate. And covering all those mile for over a decade I’m sure I saw my share of award winning photos from the road.

But with convential film cameras you take the shot, turn in the roll to the lab (only after you used the full roll), get the prints back, spread them all over your desk to preview, make a decision to actually enlarge one, make another trip to the lab and then return yet again to pick up your enlargement. The real kick in the gut is when you find out you picked out the wrong negative and you end up with the slightly wonky version of the picture you actually wanted. So then you start the whole process all over again. Once you finally get back to the lab to pick up the chosen enlargement, you’ve since shot a couple more rolls of film and guess what? They’ve got award winners on them that your eye likes too.

I dunno. Since I started blogging about my art, other peoples art and the whole creativity thing, I’ve started taking my little SONY Cyber-shot with me when I head out. It’s one of them credit card sized camera that drops nicely into your pocket.

And so I pulled off at the lake to have a look and, spying this this old sign that looks to have been here just shy of a hundred years, I managed to take a picture and got a lucky digital break. The camera took a goofy reading and gave me a ghostly looking pic. With a little tweeking in a simple photo editing program, I got a funky picture. And if I hadn’t tucked my camera in my sock I never would taken the time to notice this old notice.

I haven’t taken an artsy photo in a bunch of years. And I’m no photo-shop wizard but, I do know that I’m gonna hike my socks up and take this little camera out a lot more often.

I like this photo. There’s nothing too technical about it. To me it just says “if you don’t like where I park my car, then don’t drive down this road.”

It’s just too easy not to stop and take a look around.


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