Digging Around in Old Portfolios

Digging Around in Old Portfolios

So I decided last Friday I’d try and sell some of my artwork that has been accumulating for over 20 years. And I have to admit that it has been entertaining to rummage around these half dozen portfolios I have. I’ve found sketches on menus and fastfood bags, mystery phone numbers, photo-copies of enlarged sketches that were to become an even larger work that just didn’t happen. Am sure life just got in the way.

But the one interesting thing I’m liking is actually photographing some of these drawings and finding out that sections of them are actually pretty interesting all by themselves. This small section I included here is of a larger drawing. I’m liking this little guy so much that I wish I had a real reason to make some new biz cards.

And so it’s back to the age old Zen masters when they ask “what good is art if no one sees it?”

I’ll give the ol’ e-commerce thing a whirl. Stop by my facebook page and poke around at some current work if you like: http://www.facebook.com/meanmoonstudio

And if you are actually a Zen master yourself and the art quote has nothing to with Zen, then we’ll make fun of the tourists over a cold beer instead.


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