Mags, My Studio Kat

Mags, My Studio Kat

Hello Everyone!
My name is Roger Ireland and, I’m an up and coming illustrator who resides in central Maine. I’ve actually be “up and coming” for 30 years but I took 12 off for other ventures.

And this is Mags shortly after I rescued him from a cellar in western Maine. When he was a we kit he was pretty puzzled over his own shadow and, now at 8 months he’s pretty much always on deck when I’m working.

He’s a finely trained studio kat now that he’s learned not to walk across wet paint but, I can’t keep him out of the water jug used to wet brushes while I’m working. Guess his endless drinking out of the toilet has given him an immunity to rinse water from paintbrushes.

You’ll see more of him along with some of my work. Stop by for a drink if your’re in the neighborhood. Mag’s will give you the tour.


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